The smart to-look-up APP.


Get focused. Fight distractive browsing. Start Kewing.

„As a reader, whenever I come across a word I don’t now I always stop and look it up and write down the definition which really interferes with the flow of my reading. Now with your app, I simply kew the word and look it up later. I find that I can build a lexicon of words that are relevant to my interest, using the history feature in your app. It’s actually a great way to help increase vocabulary. I am also finding it can be useful in my research by typing in certain diagnoses, medical terms, and pharmaceuticals and looking them up later. Yet another use I know will be useful is when I am listening to a drum podcast and the hosts are talking about equipment and gear. I can simply type in the gear and look it up later. Very useful in everyday things – removing a lot of clutter from my own mind!

– Anthony C., Engineering Professor @ Macomb Community College

„Such a good app! I find I’m always on the run and in need of searching something later on in the day, but by the time I am home, I totally forget what I wanted to look up. This app makes it so that never happens again. Such a brilliant fix to those moments. Love this!“

– Gabriella V., Florist @ Grandiflora Manor

„Who does not know it? You still want to look something up or search for an article, but you don’t have time at the moment or no internet connection. We know the problem just too well during our big journey across South America… But finally, with Kewd there is a fast and free solution! Never miss something again that you wanted to ‚just look up‘ quickly – and then forgot about it after a few minutes. Kewd is an app that everyone should have (especially frequent travelers)!“

– Isabell W., Travel Blogger @ Unterwegs.Photography